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15 Jun 2016
The one-handed Arcane Staff far was nice, but didn't really have its unique combat role so far.
That's why we made the Arcane Orb now also purge enemy buffs, to give it its own sub role to shine in.

The Enigmatic Staff on the other hand has its role already well defined - but the invulnerability had the problem that it was not getting better at all with increasing tiers. So now, the beam applies a shield that can be outdamaged, and the strength of this shield increases at higher tiers.

Beloow are my opinion and idea for arcane:

1. Arcane Staff

Yeah this staff, for past 3 month and I could say even beta worst arcane of all.

Ability on Q: "Shield", not so good like on other staff but is ok, but after Brutus patch u move our Dmg spell(Frazzle)...