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08 Jun 2016
I think very good, the idea is to have a full pvp zone, where everyone are automatically flaged for pvp right? 

But now, the problem is the “zerg factor”, u know about it… a bunch of pals grouping-up, making a party of 15-20 ppls, and when they reach the limit (20), they just have to make another one, and bummm!!!, they start to stump everything in their way.
Ofc, at red zone they have nothing to do, thanks to the anti-zerg mech (showing them as red dots in the minimaps), unless they decide to stay in 1 place waiting for another guild to show up to fight (what usually is very boring…), so, they have to go to fight in the black zone, making the black zone the best place for big partys to look for trouble.

Buuut, what happend when u...

04 Jun 2016
I have a question is : is Albion game skilled based game or it just You gear? Then I will tell you, And if you Buy Albion Online Gold can help you batter experince the game.

We are gvg based guild, we are 10 active players and our guild have 1000gvg (98% yellow zone gvg), and i was looking for strong guild to fight us in yellow zone gvg for practice ( in game global chat), but one of the guys was desperately trying to explain me that is no point train in yellow zones cos all about this game is your gear. I dis agree with him, cos how you explain like example: we fought gvg with lot of guilds some one is coming with enchanted, 7.3 and so on, but we 80% easy winning against them even when we use 4.3 t6 epic ones and similar( ofc we all...

17 May 2016

- Always join a guild with at least 3 people inside it to gather higher tier resources to be safer. Always look at the map to see what resources are there.

Destiny Board
- Do not do destiny board all by yourself, you suppose to team up with your guild, so the other guild member will do some job for you, so you do not need to do everything by yourself. Therefore, you do not need to do a lot of destiny board. Should do only 2x Gathering, 2x Refining, 3x Crafting, and 4x Fighting in the destiny board.

Death and PVP Combat
- Always build extra combat equipment and put it in some banks around your area incase you die, so you can get back your items when you died if you go back to your bank and get your other armor to go back and get your dropped...