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15 Jun 2016
The one-handed Arcane Staff far was nice, but didn't really have its unique combat role so far.
That's why we made the Arcane Orb now also purge enemy buffs, to give it its own sub role to shine in.

The Enigmatic Staff on the other hand has its role already well defined - but the invulnerability had the problem that it was not getting better at all with increasing tiers. So now, the beam applies a shield that can be outdamaged, and the strength of this shield increases at higher tiers.

Beloow are my opinion and idea for arcane:

1. Arcane Staff

Yeah this staff, for past 3 month and I could say even beta worst arcane of all.

Ability on Q: "Shield", not so good like on other staff but is ok, but after Brutus patch u move our Dmg spell(Frazzle)...

11 Jun 2016
Let us direct access to the theme of today, there are four point.

1. Factions
We have three great factions at play within the world of Albion.
Why aren’t the players a part of these factions? If players could choose which faction they were a part of, and then fight for that faction.
If the Albion map was re-designed in a way that allowed each faction a green zone, a yellow zone that was perhaps a little more shared, and then a central red zone in which factions fight for glory! If on the red maps, and even the yellow ones, there could be strongholds that a faction must capture, and whichever faction holds that stronghold gets a bonus on resources collected from that map. This would promote zone control outside of...

08 Jun 2016
I think very good, the idea is to have a full pvp zone, where everyone are automatically flaged for pvp right? 

But now, the problem is the “zerg factor”, u know about it… a bunch of pals grouping-up, making a party of 15-20 ppls, and when they reach the limit (20), they just have to make another one, and bummm!!!, they start to stump everything in their way.
Ofc, at red zone they have nothing to do, thanks to the anti-zerg mech (showing them as red dots in the minimaps), unless they decide to stay in 1 place waiting for another guild to show up to fight (what usually is very boring…), so, they have to go to fight in the black zone, making the black zone the best place for big partys to look for trouble.

Buuut, what happend when u...

04 Jun 2016
I have a question is : is Albion game skilled based game or it just You gear? Then I will tell you, And if you Buy Albion Online Gold can help you batter experince the game.

We are gvg based guild, we are 10 active players and our guild have 1000gvg (98% yellow zone gvg), and i was looking for strong guild to fight us in yellow zone gvg for practice ( in game global chat), but one of the guys was desperately trying to explain me that is no point train in yellow zones cos all about this game is your gear. I dis agree with him, cos how you explain like example: we fought gvg with lot of guilds some one is coming with enchanted, 7.3 and so on, but we 80% easy winning against them even when we use 4.3 t6 epic ones and similar( ofc we all...

01 Jun 2016
As a Beginner, shall we do? First the Beginner crafting station lets you create every type of Beginner item. It is the only level where you can create all types of equipment at a single station. We’ll get into higher levels of gear shortly. And you can also buy Albion Online Silver to upgrade your gear.

And then, Beginner gear isn’t exactly the most amazing stuff in the world, but it gets the job done. It also helps familiarize you with an important basic concept: right tool for the job. If you want to mine, you need a pickaxe. If you want to cut wood, you need an axe, and so on. Beginner stone and wood at this level don’t need tools to gather, which just makes sense. After all, you need to be able to get the raw materials to make...

30 May 2016
Ability can be changed at any time by just changing gear. If you want to be a spell caster instead of a warrior, you only need to wear a casting staff instead of a sword.

All skills in Albion Online are associated with gear as well. These skills are applied on gear when you actually craft the item, and most items are crafted, or when the item actually drops. Some items will drop from humanoid enemies, so if you see a guy using a bow, there’s a chance he can drop a bow of his relevant tier. For example, if he’s a tier five enemy, he can drop a tier five bow.

Skills change also depends on items. Spear is going to have a different skill set to a bow although they are considered under that similar style of being a ranger or being a...

26 May 2016
What do you building your own house? This point is very important experience. Of course, Albion housing system isn’t going to be only about having a house that is decorated, that has no purpose but to be beautiful. Therefore the developer team developed the laborer system which is going to fill your house with life, it fills it with purpose, it gives you something to do with your player house.Of course, cheap albion gold can help you building a better house.

# How Laborers and Journal Work

Laborers can perform a variety of tasks for you, and this is to allow you to suit them to your playstyle. So if you’re a gatherer, you probably want to fill your house with gathering laborers. People who cut wood, or gather stone, or gather iron...

25 May 2016

This farming guide is the best as it won’t have to buy any food from the auction house to breed your horses or chickens. Breeding will be explained in a separate guide.
Farming is a big part of the game right now. It takes a ton of food for guilds to keep their territories up. This is why farming and breeding are currently realy profitable. The only way to get a personal farm is to buy a personal island. You can do this at any city with a harbor.
Cities where you can buy an island:
Buccaneers Haven
Smugglers Bay
Fisher’s Hold
Journey’s End
The setup i’m using requires 2 farms and 1 pasture. I’m doing this because it requires quite some food to breed your animals. You can build a farm or a pasture by...

24 May 2016
Albion Online is constantly updated, let us look the following main content.
# Morgana Faction Rework
# Faction-themed Furniture: Morgana Mobcamp
# 12 New Weapon Spells
# New Feature: Item Study
# Learning Point System Improvements
# Various Fixes and Improvements
# And, swamping it up!
In this segment we take a look at what’s currently in the works for Albion Online.
- Frogs
Introducing…*ribbit*… Frogs! These cute little amphibians are pretty much the rabbits of the swamp.
Not everyone is fond of our jumpy new friends.
- Swamp Development
The swamps are beautiful and could even be considered romantic, if only they weren’t so smelly!
- Spirit of the Swamps
While roaming the swamps, you might encounter this mysterious spirit.

23 May 2016
It’s undeniable that killing mobs is one of the most essential ways to make money in Albion Online. In addition, it’s considered as the easiest way to be rich that everyone can do it without any much difficulty. However there’s also another way to make money in Albion Online, which is about playing the Auction House. These three guides below are going to teach you how to be filthy rich though trading. But I always think you will have better experience when you buy albion gold.

Lesson One: Mounts

As soon as the game officially release, there’s going to be some commodities that everyone is going to be looking for. The first one should be mounts. Every player need mount since it’s an important factor in Albion gathering system. It...